Beyond Search

Your AI-powered Sales Agents

Cut down needless browsing and searching. Help your customers buy more right things with human-like chat. Shoptype Chat Agents are powered by OpenAI GPT-4, along with a combination of other AI models.

Polite & Playful

People love to interact with Shoptype Chat Agents because they're engaging and entertaining, while staying true to brand.

All Knowing & Helpful

With a mind that spans the entirety of the Internet, your Shoptype Chat Agents can help your customers across any category.

Tireless & Tuned-in

Needless to say, not only do Shoptype Chat Agents run 24/7, they also continuously get better thanks to their self-learning nature.

Beyond Automation

Human-centric AI

Shoptype Chat Agents will seamlessly handoff the conversation to human beings when needed. Or they will take a message, so you can follow up later. Amplify your humans, let Shoptype Chat Agents be first in line.

Beyond Sales

Coseller Agents

Your Shoptype Chat Agents earn you money even when folks end up not making a purchase. Shoptype ensures that all interaction data is captured and monetized on your behalf, allowing you to focus on community engagement and customer relationships.

Beyond Automation


Go beyond marketing with AI-assisted community growth. Shoptype Chat Agents can be deployed for 1 on 1 engagement, as well as for managing public conversations with your community. Add the ultimate in interactivity to your own storefront, launch your own Shoptype Chat Agent today.



Default level of control of your Shoptype Chat Agents

  • 1,000 customer conversations

  • Default models with monthly updates

  • No API access

  • 20% Coseller Earnings share

  • $0.25 per extra conversation

**does not require setup, integration, training fee



Programmatic control of your Shoptype Chat Agents

  • 10,000 customer conversations

  • Custom training and custom models

  • Developer API Access

  • 5% Coseller Earnings share

  • $0.10 per extra conversation

**requires setup, integration, training fee

How Shoptype drives Social Selling

With Shoptype Chat Agents, you can deploy virtual cosellers that interact with your customers with complete knowledge of their history with your business, and what they might need today. Accelerate your sales with AI-powered conversations.

AI with Customer Context

Shoptype Chat is able to plug into your CRM system to provide extra context to the AI in real time. Reach out below to find out more ways to leverage the Shoptype ecosystem. Leverage the power of AI to amplify your customer and community relationships.

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